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7 Apr 2011

Pre- Congility Conference Podcast on I’d Rather Be Writing

3 podcasts recorded this week: Ann Rockley, Rahel Bailie, and me.  Running an event like Congility is really fascinating.  Most interesting in the industry buzz has been seeing how we seem to have struck a chord with the ‘Content Agility’ concept, and have seen a sudden spike in people referring to content that is ‘agile’ on other events, blogs and websites.

Check out my podcast here (audio only) and watch this space for quick (<10 min) video podcasts from both Ann and Rahel.

Podcast: Content Strategy and Agility, with Noz Urbina

Download mp3

Congility Speaker Insights – Discuss!

To make this year's conference more interactive and try to blunt the ‘cutting edge’ a little, we asked speakers:

Many of the answers give food for thought and nail this year’s message right on the head.

Disagree?  Have at them with the feedback features.

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